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Tips for a Better Patient-Caregiver Relationship

Tips for a Better Patient-Caregiver Relationship

Having a good relationship with your caregiver is essential. It makes you more comfortable receiving consumer-directed services in Lee’s Summit, Missouri that is important for your good health.

So, how do you create a good working relationship with your CDS personal care attendants? Consider these tips:

  • Be transparent with each other.

    Let them know what you or your loved ones need. The care providers are there to address your needs, so it is best to inform them about your preferences. At the same time, make sure that you inform them of your house rules and expectations. This will help the caregivers fulfill their roles better.

  • Respect each other’s privacy.

    Of course, you want your carer to put your privacy in high regard, especially when providing in-home services in Missouri. But, you also need to show that you respect your caregiver’s privacy. As much as possible, practice professionalism by sticking to questions and information regarding their jobs and other basic info.

  • Communicate often.

    Frequent communication helps build trust and avoid misunderstanding. If you have concerns about your caregiver, inform them immediately. Resolve issues as soon as possible.

When you need assistance from trusted caregivers, contact TWA Consumer Directed Services for various available services we can provide to you.

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