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Is Home Care Right for Your Senior Parents?

Is Home Care Right for Your Senior Parents?

Many senior individuals prefer staying at home during their golden years. Your aging parents may also opt to take advantage of In-Home Services in Missouri for the same reason.

But is home care the right option for your loved ones? The following should help you determine if Consumer Directed Services in Lee’s Summit, Missouri are best for your parents:

  • How much help does your loved ones need?

    Know the exact needs of your parents. Find out how much help is available to them. Take note of everything that they may need on a daily, weekly, or even a monthly basis. Through this, you can determine the level of assistance that your loved ones require.

  • How capable are your loved ones in performing tasks on their own?

    Your parents may still be capable of completing simple tasks. At times, they may also need the support of CDS Personal Care Attendants, even for everyday activities. Evaluating their capabilities is crucial in identifying what kind of assistance the caregivers can provide.

  • What do your loved ones prefer?

    Of course, your parents’ preferences are of utmost importance. After all, they are the ones receiving care. Talk to them about home care as soon as you notice that they need further help to age safely and comfortably at home.

Let TWA Consumer Directed Services provide the support that your aging family members need. Call us today!

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