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Grooming Tips for Aging Loved Ones

Grooming Tips for Aging Loved Ones

Aging is a natural process that leads to a lot of body changes. It also often means that chores that were easy to do before can become increasingly difficult. Senior individuals may need consumer directed services in Lee’s Summit, Missouri to fulfill daily tasks, including grooming.

You can help your senior loved ones with grooming through the following tips:

  • Ask your loved ones about their care preferences.
    Everyone has their preferences and your loved ones have, too. Ask them who they want to receive assistance from. In most cases, they will choose those they are comfortable with. After all, some in-home services in Missouri, tend to be very up close and personal, such as personal care.
  • Use hygiene products that are safe for seniors.
    Remember, the body undergoes many changes when it ages. So, you have to make sure that the products your aging family members are using are safe for them. Their healthcare team can help you with recommendations.
  • Lend physical support, if necessary.
    Be ready to extend physical help. Your senior family members may not be as strong as before. They will need your help or assistance from CDS personal care attendants.

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