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5 Conversation Starters: Talking about Home Care

5 Conversation Starters: Talking about Home Care

Are your parents struggling with personal tasks or household chores? Do you feel overwhelmed by their requests for assistance, but unsure how to tell them?

TWA Consumer Directed Services lists down some conversation starters to help you talk about how in-home services in Missouri could benefit your parents – and you.

  1. I can’t always be here when you need help.
    Home care services can be tailored to match your preferences and schedule. If you need someone to come over three times a day for meal preparation services, or if you require live-in assistance, home care can be customized to give you what you need, when you need it.
  2. I know that you don’t want to leave your home.
    Nursing homes and assisted living communities are not the only options anymore. Getting help from a qualified home care agency means that you can stay in your own home, but still get assistance when you need it.
  3. I understand that you need some time to think about it.
    By talking about home care now, while you can still choose an agency that you like, we can prevent a lot of uncertainty in the future. By discussing it ahead of time, you can think your decision over and make the best choice for you.
  4. I know that you are worried about the cost.
    Home care is an affordable option. Some agencies accept Medicaid and long-term care insurance. We can also ask about other payment options or assistance programs that you may qualify for.
  5. I understand that you have some concerns about your privacy and safety.
    A qualified home care agency is insured, licensed, and bonded appropriately. Moreover, to make sure you feel comfortable, you can personally hire and train the CDS personal care attendant of your choice.

The Takeaway

It is not uncommon for adult children to delay discussing their parents’ need for in-home care assistance. Many seniors resist the idea that they require help. Hopefully, these conversation starters can help you broach the subject with your parents and convince them to accept the help they need.

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